The SmartGate is a system that uses Wi-Fi connection to send selected vehicle data to the connected device. The SmartGate feature is one of the solutions that connect the car with smartphone. It allows the user to see more than 40 parameters through telemetric – e.g. vehicle speed, engine revs, fuel level, trip computer or g-meter, brake status or the throttle position.

SmartGate applications are then able to use these data to compute the vehicle data that are of interest to the user, and display them graphically in a easy-to-view manner. This way, drivers can analyse a number of driving variables and find out more about their driving style. The applications are available, free of charge, in app stores (Google Play, Apple Store).

The requirements for proper functionality are the SmartGate unit fitted into the car, supported phone with iOS or Android operating system, and necessary applications. The SmartGate unit (or, alternatively, SmartGate function) can be ordered either when buying new vehicle or even later, through Škoda Genuine Accessories.

The communication is one-way only. The vehicle data can be only read, not changed. The SmartGate is independent on MirrorLinkTM.

Examples of available vehicle data:

1. Battery voltage

2. Fuel consumption (per kilometre, per hour, overall)

3. Trip computer

4. Speed

5. Information equivalent to dashboard warning lights

6. Gear indicator and gearshift recommendation

7. Automatic transmission mode

8. G-meter (lateral, longitudinal)

9. Vehicle speed

10. Engine revs

11. Start/Stop status

12. Brake position

13. Service information (number of days/kilometres to the next oil change/service, VIN)

14. Steering wheel angle

Supported Devices

iOS devices (version 7 and higher)

Android devices (version 4.0 and higher)

Note: Restriction for Android 4.3 and higher: Mobile Data are not available when using the SmartGate feature. Up to 4 different devices with same application may be connected, as well as 1 user with four applications running.


I can't connect.

If connection wasn't successful, check following points:

- Have the requirements for successful connection been met?

- Is ignition on?

- Is SmartGate on the list of available Wi-Fi networks?

- Have you entered the connection password?

- Is the connection password right?

- Isn't the device you're trying to connect still connected to other Wi-Fi network?

- Isn't there too many users/applications connected to the unit? (maximum of 4 clients or 4 apps) If these points are checked and connection still isn't successful, contact a ŠKODA partner.

Is my phone compatible?

See “Supported Devices” section.

I lose my Internet connection when connecting to the SmartGate.

The Android operating system, unlike the iOS, doesn't allow its devices to use mobile data while connected through Wi-Fi. Solution: Wi-Fi Direct

I'm an app developer and I want to develop my own application using the SmartGate.

Škoda intends to release documentation and communication module for the third party developers in the near future. For more detailed and current information, contact Škoda helpdesk.

Software Update

There are two ways to update the SmartGate unit:

1. Through the Service App

The Service app can be downloaded from SmartGate Apps. It provides a user-friendly way of one-way SmartGate updates with latest released SW. See details in Service App user's manual.

2. Through web interface This option is recommended to more technically savvy users only. Unlike the previous way, it allows user to update with any SW, including older versions. The installation of older SW version can be useful for example in case some of the updated software isn't supported in user's phone.


Supported web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE9+

In case the update is interrupted or unsuccessful, the unit retains its original SW.

Updating through web interface

To update your software, you will need the update data retrieved from ŠKODA website, and a device that allows working with files (e.g. a laptop, thereinafter only “device”) in which you will save the update data. The ignition has to be on for the whole time of the updating process! Also, refrain from starting the engine, as it may interrupt the update process.

1. Download and save the SmartGate update into your device (.ota file ~1 MB).

2. Turn on the device's Wi-Fi.

3. Turn on the ignition or start the engine.

4. Connect your device to the SmartGate.

5. Open the web browser in the device, and enter following address: *. A web SmartGate update web interface shows up. You will also see the unit information, including the SW version installed.

6. In the lower part of the page, in the Update section, click the “Update” button. You will be forwarded to a new page.

7. Select an update file and click on the “Upload file” button. The file will be loaded into the SmartGate unit (the uploading process takes approximately 2 minutes).

8. After upload, you will be prompted to confirm the update by clicking the “Perform update” button (the update process takes approximately another 2 minutes).

9. During the updating itself, the SmartGate doesn't emit the Wi-Fi signal, and you will be disconnected. When the update is finished, the SmartGate is restarted and starts transmitting again. The SmartGate will reappear on the list of available Wi-Fi devices.


Enter the: in your web browser. A SmartGate configuration page will open. In shown Configuration fields, it is possible to alter the Wi-Fi preferences. If some fields are left empty, the factory settings will be retained for them.

Lost password for SmartGate:

If you have lost your password, it is necessary to have SmartGate reset at the authorized service by disconnecting it from the power supply. After the restart, the unit will return back to factory settings.

Wi-Fi configuration:

- SSID: - Wi-Fi connection name change **

- Channel: - setting up Wi-Fi communication channel (1 to 10)

- Security: - Wi-Fi secure connection type selection: Open – unencrypted connection (in this setting, no password has tor be entered in connected device); WPA – basic encrypted connection; WPA2 – advanced encrypted connection; WPA / WPA2 key: - setting a password for encrypted connection

- Transmit power in %: - setting up a transmitting power for Wi-Fi connection (5% - 100%)

- DHCP lease time [min]: - time for receiving IP address (lease time)

- HTTP port: - changing the HTTP port number

The changes of SmartGate setting will take effect only after following steps are taken:

- Save changes with „Save“ button.

- Restart SmartGate with „Reboot“ button.

Acronym list:

- BSSID unique identificator of the network device address, assigned by manufacturer (MAC address)

- DHCP dynamic assignment of IP addresses to connected devices

- HTTP port: network port for communication of two devices using HTTP protocol (port 80 pre-set for internet browser)

- IP address – unique address of network device

- MAC address unique, manufacturer-assigned identificator of network device

- SSID unique identification of Wi-Fi network (Wi-Fi network name)

- WPA / WPA2 type of safety data encryption in Wi-Fi network


* If HTTP port is set at value different than 80, it is necessary to enter the address in the following format: HTTP:// (xxxx – changed HTTP port number)

** Enter the SmartGate (SSID) as 1-17 characters with no diacritic and no special characters (+ - / etc.)