Škoda Servicing

No matter what work your Škoda requires you can rest easy knowing the job will be carried out by a Škoda trained technician who puts great care into every single detail. Also, when it comes to that final detail―the price―there’s no nasty surprises.

Electric car servicing

Your electric car will still require regular servicing just like a petrol or diesel alternative. It includes much of the traditional elements such as checking fluid levels and filters as well as the condition of your braking system, lights and tyres, ensuring they meet the legal requirements.

However, the rest of your service is quite different as it includes some additional inspections that our technicians are specially trained to complete, ensuring the quality servicing and maintenance of your car. For example, we will check the vehicle’s high-voltage components for correct routing, securing of lines and any signs of damage.

We will also visually inspect the high-voltage charging cable’s condition as well the charge level of the high-voltage battery, which we will recharge if necessary. The content of each service on your electric Škoda may depend on the model you own and your Authorised Repairer will be able to explain this in more detail.

Škoda eVHC/Maintenance

From brake fluid changes to an air-con service, all of our service bookings are carried out by factory-trained technicians who know your Škoda inside and out. You can think of them like walking-talking Škoda encyclopedias. You won’t need to read between the lines on your final bill though as we will explain it all on a carefully documented invoice.

Škoda recommends Genuine Oil

Genuine Oil is specifically designed to work at its optimum for your Škoda, using the latest innovative technologies to help keep your Škoda protected and performing at its best.

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