Charging has never been easier

Recharge your life and your car with our simple and convenient solution for your home charging.

Ohme Home Charging for your Škoda iV

Ohme have partnered with Škoda Ireland to offer you the Ohme Home Pro from just €1,399 (inc. standard installation). Contact your local Škoda dealership to get yours now.

Ohme wall-mounted charging points are offered in three variants, all of which draw on AC to charge the car with power of up to 11 kW. The higher-end variants come with an internet connection so that they can be controlled, for example, via a mobile app. The top version offers an electricity meter so that multiple drivers can be billed quickly and easily. It goes without saying that the possibility of installation in your home is checked, and this is followed by installation itself and the provision of further services.

Get started with a home check

Škoda iV Universal Charger

Charge your iV car from electrical sockets, anytime and anywhere.

With our portable iV Universal Charger you can conveniently charge at home or on the road. With its compact dimensions and a weight of around 3 kilograms, the Charger is easy to transport. You can use it for charging via a normal household socket (up to 2.3 kW) or an industrial electrical outlet (up to 11 kW). Various interchangeable connectors will allow you to use practically any type of electrical socket.