The all-new Kodiaq

Crisp, elegant lines combined with a distinctive light signature, black grained plastic features and up to 20” wheels make the Kodiaq a robust yet dynamically looking and stylish car with a timeless design.
Technical Data
Fuel consumption (WLTP combined)
CO2 (WLTP combined)

What colour looks best?

Core reasons to opt for this Škoda

Your new Kodiaq, a safe choice

Your guarantees

3 years roadside assistance

3 years warranty

3-year: Paint

12-year: Corrosion

Most advanced driver-assistance systems

Travel AssistEasy parkingSafety assistsLED lights
Travel Assist takes over partial control of the car to make driving easier for you.
Parking has never been easier. Just push the right button or touch your smartphone.
State-of-the-art systems for your travel safety.
The industry-leading LED lighting delivers excellent performance and useful safety functions.

Remain online even on the go

The Kodiaq’s advanced connectivity will make everyday use of the car easier and provide you with all the support you need to make it to your destination in time and in comfort.

All about connectivity

All this and more

Clever detailsSmart technologyComfort featuresFlexible boot

Umbrella compartment

Integrated funnel

Electric child safety lock

Door-edge protection

Electric tailgate with Virtual Pedal

USB-C in the rear-view mirror

Virtual Cockpit

Ambient lighting

Heated steering wheel

Cargo elements

Double-sided boot liner

Boot nets

Hooks in the boot


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pdf (2.9 MB)