The Offers app will tell you of special bargains available from our partners on your route. You might find you can get worthwhile discounts at our authorised dealers, partner petrol stations or restaurants. All offers are unique and available only to Škoda owners using the Offers app. The app is completely free. All you have to do is activate it.

What benefits can you look forward to?

Depending on your location, you can enjoy the benefits of special offers from our partners. As the number of our partners is constantly growing, more deals will await you in the future.


You can get your car ready for the upcoming season cheaper if you choose us to do it. Take advantage of our discounts.

Petrol stations

At our partner petrol stations you’ll save money every time you refuel. You can also look forward to other benefits.


Satisfy your hunger at our partner restaurants. With an appetising discount, you’ll enjoy it even more!

Other sectors

Škoda Auto caters to the diverse needs of its customers, so you can choose from a wide range of sectors and products offered by our partners. Our regularly updated portfolio currently includes food delivery providers, retail outlets and shared mobility.

How does it work?

Discover our partners’ special offers

Each time you start out on a journey, take a look at the latest deals, prepared for you in the infotainment system.

Get offer to your mobile device

Click on an offer to view its details. Scan a QR code or click on the "Get offer" button to get special deals.

We’ll guide you to our partners’ addresses

If you’re not sure how to get to any of our partners, you can be guided to their address by clicking on the “Navigate” button.

Enjoy Offers at our partners

How to activate the app

Follow the instructions below to get access to special deals prepared for the primary user. The app is available for both the primary and guest users.

Availability for your Škoda

Check whether the app is available for your Škoda here. The Offers app is available for cars with the latest generation of the Amundsen or Columbus infotainment systems or the Bolero infotainment system with active navigation in the Octavia, and requires Škoda Connect to be enabled.

Want to become a partner with us?

We are constantly expanding our network of partners to keep the range we offer to our customers attractive. If you are interested in more information or in teaming up with us, please feel free to get in touch.

Discover more apps for your infotainment

Expand your infotainment system with one of our additional apps to give your journey your own dimension! Never miss a meeting again, get bargains wherever you are, or prepare for the weather at your destination.