Software Update

Free Software Update

Your smartphones, laptops and TVs often require software updates to ensure they perform to their very best. Your ŠKODA is no different. We at ŠKODA continuously update and improve the software in our technologically-advanced cars to ensure our customers get the most out of their ŠKODAs. These software updates are published regularly and are available free of charge to all ŠKODA customers.

To check if your car has the most up-to-date software installed, please enter your details and a member of the ŠKODA team will contact you if an update is available. All updates can be installed quickly and completely free of charge by your local ŠKODA dealer.

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Exclusion of performance

  • In the event of substandard repair work carried out by an unauthorised service company
  • In the event of installation of vehicle parts not approved by ŠKODA Auto
  • In the event of faults ascertained with the car that were not submitted promptly to an authorised ŠKODA service retailer
  • In the event of intentional or grossly negligent behaviour by the owner of the car, the driver, or one of the passengers
  • In the event of intentional damage or neglect
  • In the event of participation in motor sport or other activities not regarded by the manufacturer as reasonable use