April 16, 2018
For the last 15 years, ŠKODA has partnered the Tour de France. On every inch of the Tour, ŠKODA cars provide safety and mechanical support. The iconic “Red Car” is a ŠKODA SUPERB. Our cycling magazine, WeLoveCycling.com, shares our passion with the cycling community. This love affair with cycling began 120 years ago, when ŠKODA’s founders, engineers named Laurin and Klement, designed a series of innovative bicycles. As technology advanced, they designed cars. We have kept up this connection ever since. ​ ŠKODA’s design features, including spacious boots, four-wheel drive options, and VarioFlex seating, accessories like bike carriers and mud-proofing, and full connectivity with maps and cycling apps, are all designed to take cyclists wherever they want to go – from casual cycling, to the greatest heights of the sport. To us, cars and bikes simply belong together.


• Varioflex removable seating • Rack accessories

• Full app connectivity • Four-wheel drive option

• Lockable bike carriers • Food/Drink Chiller

• Virtual pedal opens boot handsfree


• Tow bar bike accessories • Lockable bike carriers

• Four-wheel drive option • Velcro storage elements

• Chilled glove compartment


• 5 or 7 seater • Up to 2005-litre storage (5-seater) • High towing capacity (up to 2500kg)

• Trailer Assist for reverse steering • High ground clearance

• Four-wheel drive option • No boot lip for easy loading


• Fits two adult bikes with rear seats folded • Four-wheel drive option

• Lockable bike carriers • GreenLine model available • Tour de France support fleet car

• Full connectivity with phone and cycling apps

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