Switch from commute to pursuit

All-year round confidence is built in across the award winning ŠKODA 4x4 range. Reroute from routine with enhanced off road capabilities.

Reconnect with what drives you.

Featuring an array of advanced 4x4 driving technology that faces every ascent or descent with effortless tenacity.

The conventional is left in the dust and clever convenience rides shotgun across the entire ŠKODA 4x4 range. 

Luxurious, adaptive interiors bring a touch of home to the great outdoors in every climate and every condition. 

Meet the ŠKODA 4x4 range



• Style and space redefined, perfect for business or pleasure

• Premium feel combined with all the practical features for a great drive

• Available as a hatch or estate


Spacious and self-assured design 

• Five-seat family SUV at home off the beaten track and on the school run

• Clean, modern design plus great safety features as standard

• Varioflex seating means a flexible, adaptable interior space


Ultimate 7-seat adventurer

• Available in five or seven-seater for go-anywhere adventures with the entire family

• Power and control at your fingertips, without compromising on comfort

• Area view and Trailer Assist give you the confidence to tackle any obstacle

4x4 technology highlights

Our 4x4 range comes with clever technology features to help keep you safe.

Never hesitate when pulling away uphill in rain or snow. Restricting the RPM gives you confident control.

Descending is easy with downhill assist. There’s no need to touch the pedals, just relax and focus on steering. Each wheel brakes individually to prevent locking.

On rough surfaces, ABS comes into its own. Active up to 30mph, ABS off-road mode improves braking and control.

In poor conditions the road camber can make tyres slip. EDS works constantly to give you maximum traction and stability.

When you need a quick getaway on slippery surfaces, ASR is ready to help. It improves acceleration by monitoring and adjusting wheel speed.

Perfect for when the driving conditions get tough. Off-road mode maintains a constant speed on hills and keeps traction on tough surfaces.