• Citigo
      • Citigo
        A simply clever and comfortable small car
        • ​​​​​​​Elegant five-door body
        • ​An interior roomy enough for four passengers and their luggage
        • Frugal 60bhp and 70bhp petrol engines
      • Citigo Monte Carlo
        Citigo Monte Carlo
        A small car big on appeal
        • ​​​​​​​Specific features in a black design and SunSet
        • ​Sports interior and black leather details with red stitching
        • ​Sports chassis and 15" alloy wheels in a black metallic design
  • New Fabia
      • New Fabia
        New Fabia
        New Fabia
        • ​​​​START STOP as standard
        • Class leading bootspace​
        • ​Curtain airbags & 5 Star NCAP rating
      • New Fabia Combi
        New Fabia Combi
        New Fabia Combi

          Unbeatable luggage compartment in its class
        • ​New assistants and innovative comfort and infotainment systems
        • ​Powerful and efficient engines​
      • New Fabia Monte Carlo
        New Fabia Monte Carlo
        New Fabia Monte Carlo
        • ​Black elements, panoramic sunroof and alloy wheels
        • ​Sports seats in a black/red combination and 3-spoke leather steering wheel
        • Unbeatable luggage compartment in its class​
      • New Fabia Combi Scoutline
        New Fabia Combi Scoutline
        A small car with a big appeal
        • ​​Functional design features
        • Innovative technologies​​​
        • ​​16" Rock or 17" Clubber alloy wheels​
  • Rapid
      • Rapid
        A compact liftback with modern technology and room for the whole family
        • ​​​​A new design language – clear, precise and elegant
        • ​​“Simply clever” details like the ice scraper on the fuel tank cover
        • Powerful, but economical TSI petrol engines
      • Rapid Spaceback
        Rapid Spaceback
        ŠKODA’s young compact car
        • ​​​​​Sporty freshness and dynamic elegance
        • A spacious, attractive interior with sporty three-spoke steering wheels
        • Panoramic glass roof and prolonged rear window
  • Octavia
      • Octavia
        A class of its own
        • ​​​​​​​​Clear, precise and timeless design, benchmark in terms of room for occupants and luggage capacity
        • ​New assistance systems and innovative comfort and infotainment systems
        • Powerful and efficient engines
      • Octavia RS
        Octavia RS
        The fastest Octavia ever
        • ​​​​​Top speed 248 km/h
        • 2.0 TSI/220bhp and 2.0 TDI CR DPF/184bhp engines​​​
        • Innovative progressive steering
      • Octavia Combi
        Octavia Combi
        Space in its most beautiful shape
        • ​​​610 litres of luggage space​​

        • Hi-tech safety and comfort equipment features

        • Intelligent all-wheel drive

      • Octavia Scout
        Octavia Scout
        An outdoor partner with rugged look and family skills
        • ​​​​4X4 as standard with 5th generation haldex clutch
        • Available in 150 or 185 BHP in diesel or 180BHP is Petrol
        • Increase ground clearance and 4X4 styling​​
      • Octavia Combi RS
        Octavia Combi RS
        Sporty, roomy, functional in perfect balance.
        • ​​​​​2.0 TSI/220bhp​​ and 2.0 TDI CR DPF/184bhp engines​​​
        • Innovative progressive steering
        • A leather three-spoke steering wheel​ ​
  • New Octavia
      • New Octavia
        New Octavia
        Heart of the brand in new top form
        • ​​​​​New design elements in the front and rear, full-LED headlights
        • ŠKODA Connect mobile online services​​​
        • ​State-of-the-art driver assistance systems​​​
      • New Octavia Combi
        New Octavia Combi
        A space bestseller in new top form
        • ​​​​New design elements in the front and rear, full-LED headlights
        • ​​​​ŠKODA Connect mobile online services
        • ​​​State-of-the-art driver assistance systems
  • Yeti
      • New Yeti
        New Yeti
        The elegant and stylish Yeti
        • ​​​​​The first ŠKODA with rear-view camera
        • Electronically controlled all-wheel drive
        • VarioFlex rear seat system
      • New Yeti Outdoor
        New Yeti Outdoor
        A stylish SUV with an urban design and off-road equipment
        • ​Off-Road system in 4x4 vehicles for difficult terrain
        • A high-mounted headlights in all vehicle versions
        • The Columbus navigation system with the off-road navigation function
      • Yeti Sherpa Commercial
        Yeti Sherpa Commercial
        A stylish SUV with an urban design and off-road equipment
        • ​Off-Road system in 4x4 vehicles for difficult terrain

        • High-mounted headlig​hts in all vehicle versions
        • The Columbus navigation system with the off-road navigation function​
  • New Superb
      • New Superb
        New Superb
        The new flagship with revolutionary design, top comfort and innovative connectivity
        • ​Space giant with the largest interior and boot of its class
        • More powerful drive with the 206 kW top-of-the range engine
        • Many innovative safety and comfort assist systems
      • New Superb Combi
        New Superb Combi
        A crystal captivating and most spacious estate with state-of-the-art technology
        • ​A luggage compartment with a basic volume of 660 litres

        • ​Many innovative safety and comfort assist systems
        • Maximum comfort with the Dynamic Chassis Control​
      • New Superb Sportline
        New Superb Sportline
        Experience the best
        • ​​Dressed to thrill: SportLine-specific black design features and exclusive Vega 19” alloy wheels
        • Black cockpit with LED ambient lighting and décor in a carbon design​​
        • ​Sporty chassis lowered by 15 mm, with Performance Monitor to enjoy the car’s sportiness​​​
      • New Superb Combi Sportline
        New Superb Combi Sportline
        Experience the best
        • ​​​​Dressed to thrill: SportLine-specific black design features and exclusive Vega 19” alloy wheels
        • ​​Black cockpit with LED ambient lighting and décor in a carbon design
        • ​​Sporty chassis lowered by 15 mm, with Performance Monitor to enjoy the car’s sportiness​
  • Kodiaq
      • Kodiaq
        As strong as a bear
        • ​​​​​​​​​​The design of ŠKODA’s new large SUV conveys strength and protection
        • ​Size, strength, family spirit
        • Discover new grounds​​​

ŠKODA Fabia Monte Carlo and Fabia Combi Monte Carlo

Emotions in Motion

The ŠKODA Fabia Monte Carlo or Fabia Combi Monte Carlo is a perfect match for those willing to make a statement. This compact car gives a big thrill. In addition, there is a plenty of room inside, so you don‘t have to compromise on space.
Agile handling is not the only thing that makes journeys in the Fabia Monte Carlo and Fabia Combi Monte Carlo enjoyable and entertaining. ŠKODA‘s young car lets you choose whether you want your car to turn into an adrenalin machine, a music club or a communication centre... or all in one?
Black Is the New Sexy
“Black is the new sexy” is the name of the game in the Monte Carlo series. The striking design of ŠKODA‘s special sporty models is highlighted by black elements, such as large panoramic sunroof, grille, alloy wheels or wing mirrors.
Between Sneakers and Dress Shoes
Black on black – front spoiler, rear diffuser and alloy wheels spice up the Fabia Monte Carlo and Fabia Combi Monte Carlo with dynamics and style. The car‘s appearance is literally topped by a panoramic sunroof made of one piece of tinted glass. Moreover, even side windows are tinted in a darker shade to comply with the car‘s overall appearance.
Sit Back and Don‘t Relax
The interior of Fabia Monte Carlo and Fabia Combi Monte Carlo is the perfect place for motorsport enthusiasts, with bespoke sports seat upholstery, stainless steel pedals and trim on the dashboard with carbon design. Also unique are the front door sill strips with Monte Carlo inscription.
Enjoy the sky above

What may sound like a cliché anywhere else is a matter of fact in the Fabia Monte Carlo and Fabia Combi Monte Carlo. The interior radiates quality and precision in every way. The large optional panoramic sunroof with a sunshade delivers plenty of daylight into the interior.

Bringing the Track Experience to Roads Since 1895

​Monte Carlo models pay homage to all those heroes who devoted their lives and hearts to bringing the Czech brand to the winner‘s podium. Since the start of production in Mladá Boleslav in 1895, the company introduced to the world many racing legends, memorable victories and unforgettable machines. This long tradition of motor racing has been transformed to ŠKODA‘s passenger cars in the form of the Monte Carlo family. Our recent models share a lot of with their ancestors – like the emphasis put on dynamics, agile handling, and reliability and of course, great value. 
Homage to motorsport history
The real winner – Fabia Super 2000 proves its qualities on the track. Just like in the days of company founders, cars from Mladá Boleslav once again stand for outstanding performance, reliability and durability... virtues every driver of ŠKODA car can enjoy.
Two-wheeled Origins
Laurin and Klement set off for their first international race in 1901 with amazing result. Their motorcycles triumphed for their dynamics and reliability. In 1905, Václav Vondřich (a.k.a. the „Travelling Smith“) finished famous Dourdan race 9 minutes ahead of the silver medallist. He drove the 693 ccm two-cylinder factory special, as pictured above.
Cruising the Circuits
ŠKODA did not only compete in rally and touring car championships. The brand featured the Formula 3 cup, too. On top of that, in late 50s ŠKODA built four 1100 OHC models – 2 coupés and 2 spiders. Their sleek bodies with clearly defined edges and surfaces, radiated dynamism and style. With 92HP 1.1-litre 4-cylinder under bonnet, the cars reached top speed almost 200 km/h.
The Beauty...
While people on the streets today turn around their heads when the Citigo Monte Carlo drives by, in 1960s it was the Felicia to play role of ŠKODA‘s eye-catcher. Elegant convertible was powered by a 50hp, 1,089cc, 4-cylinder engine with a top speed of 128 km/h.
Two More Wheels
​In 1905, while Vondřich won Dourdan motorcycle race, the company made an important step towards its future – Laurin & Klement introduced their very first car. For its era, the Voiturette type A – with a 7 HP 1-litre two-cylinder – was swift, easy-to-handle and reliable car for good money. Sounds familiar, doesn‘t it?
... and the Beast
​The legendary „RS“ was one of the most successful rally and circuit car of its time. ŠKODA 130 RS has a number of victories under its belt, including the „double“ at the Monte-Carlo ‘77. With 139HP 1.3-litre 4-cylinder top speed of the 130 RS was 200 km/h. Production version of the divine „RS“ – the 110 R coupé – was available for regular customers. 
The Ur-Monte Carlo
​The Monte Carlo models pay tribute to more than a century long ŠKODA motorsport history. The Czech brand took part in the ‘Monte’ for the first time in 1936. The ŠKODA Popular drove straight up to the winners’ podium, taking second and third prizes in its category. To celebrate this achievement, ŠKODA offered a special edition of their Monte Carlo coupé during late 1930s.
Style for Reasonable Price
Striking, appealing, dynamic – the ŠKODA Garde (renamed Rapid with 1984 facelift) models were designed to offer sports style for reasonable price. Rear-engined coupés was able to reach top speed of 150 km/h.

The panoramic roof lets you touch the sky. More...
Design Life is beautiful. The new panoramic glass roof makes sure you’ll never miss another moment. From here on out, simply sit down, throw your head back and admire the patterns made by flocks of birds or the glittering of the heavens. Because grace and timelessness are qualities they share with the new Fabia and Fabia Combi.
Take a seat and make yourself comfortable! The Fabia and Fabia Combi offer ample space for both you and your dreams. More...
The ŠKODA Fabia and Fabia Combi offer plenty of room for passengers and their luggage. The passenger compartment is a little longer and wider than before, and the driver and front passenger also have more headroom.

The luggage compartment has a capacity of 330 litres (530 for the Fabia Combi) and is the largest in the segment.
Small things that make a big impression. More...
Simply Clever
Wherever you look, you will find useful storage options, including clever compartments and ingenious holders. The net pockets on the sides of the front seats are great for storing small items.
The numerous new powerful yet thrifty engines will deliver exactly what you need. The power to power ahead. More...
Engines The Fabia and Fabia Combi come with new-generation petrol and diesel engines, combining driving pleasure and environmental values. These advanced power units deliver between 44 and 81 kW, yet consume a mere 3.4 to 4.8 litres per 100 km.
Advanced technology on board turns your car into a smartphone on wheels. More...
MirrorLink™ can be used to mirror and operate smartphone applications on the Bolero radio screen, opening up all sorts of new opportunities, including navigation and online audio services.

SmartGate is another very useful feature. It draws on special smartphone applications to display, store and process data from the car’s systems.
When it comes to safety, the new ŠKODA Fabia and Fabia Combi make no compromises: the five-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash test speaks for itself. More...
Safety assistants

All Fabias are fitted with an enhanced electronic differential lock function XDS+, ensuring safer handling when the car negotiates bends.

The automatic-braking Front Assistant is another on-board guardian angel. It works with you to keep an eye on what is happening in front of the vehicle and can alert you to any impending danger. It is able to apply the brakes itself, thus mitigating the consequences of an accident or even averting one altogether.

The Fabia’s Speedlimiter safety feature is taking its bow in a ŠKODA car. As the name suggests, the Speedlimiter will not let the driver go faster than the set speed.

Fabia Range Fuel Consumption l/100km: urban 4.2 – 6.1, extra-urban 3.4 - 4.2, combined 3.6 – 4.8. CO2 emissions g/km 110 – 100".