Ready, city, go!

Citigo 5 door

Ready, Steady, CITIGO

A simply clever and comfortable small car

From € 11,550
From  100.00  g/km 
Emission of CO₂
From  4.30  l/100km
Average consumption
  • Exterior
  • Interior


The CITIGO is a practical car for the city thanks to its agility and plethora of smart solutions.

More about Clever Inside

The CITIGO´s high safety has been confirmed by its five-star score in Euro NCAP crash tests.

More about Passive Safety

Comfort features and new technologies aim to provide tangible added value to customers.

More about Ease of Driving

The CITIGO is the pick of the bunch for drivers interested in a frugal vehicle with low CO2 emissions.

More about Green Technologies
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Trim Levels

From € 11,550

From € 12,550

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Embrace the city life.

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